Transform Your Data Workflows Through Sheetgo Solutions from Shivaami

Punit Thakker/ January 31, 2023/ Cloud Solution

In almost every industry, data gathering, compilation, and sharing are key to strategic and routine operational activities. However, the long hours spent on manually entering data from one sheet to another make work tedious, boring, and error-prone apart from slow. The ordeal doesn’t just end there because one needs to again work on that data to generate actionable insights from

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Google Workspace: A Multitude of Features and Plans

Punit Thakker/ January 23, 2023/ Cloud Email Solutions

Communication and collaboration between personnel are essential for any modern business. Whether you are a startup, an SME, or a multinational enterprise, the more superior your digital working framework is, the more efficient and successful your employees will be.  In the post-pandemic scenario of hybrid and remote working, the ability to choose the right suite of work tools has become

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Four ways to improve collaboration leveraging the power of Google Workspace

Punit Thakker/ January 10, 2023/ Productivity

Do you wish to build a more connected organisation so your employees can collaborate more effectively, across teams, to achieve project objectives in 2023? Here are a few key proven benefits of using a powerful set of tools offered by Google Workspace and a look at the project management challenges they solve. First, let’s take a look at what collaboration

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9 Major Google Workspace Updates in 2022 that You Must Know About

Punit Thakker/ December 25, 2022/ Productivity

Google Workspace (earlier known as G Suite) is a world-class suite of web applications aimed at enabling the corporate workforce to work efficiently and collaborate seamlessly in a hybrid work culture. Integration of a wide range of tools such as Gmail, Docs, Meet, Cloud Search, Chat, Calendar, and others, makes Google Workspace an ideal choice for all users in 2023. 

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How should businesses deal with multi-cloud security challenges?

Punit Thakker/ December 15, 2022/ Cloud Solution

With the evolution of cloud technology, companies are increasingly using multiple cloud vendors such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and many more. At times, the usage of different cloud-based SaaS products from different vendors also brings multi-cloud into play for an organization. Built on a cloud-first, and open-source platform, multi-cloud services are

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15 Tips to Turn your Gmail inbox into a Productivity Booster

Punit Thakker/ December 5, 2022/ Productivity

Launched in 2004, Gmail has rapidly ascended to the top of the email hierarchy globally. Today, if you were to create an account on any social media platform, eCommerce marketplace or register for any service that requires an email id, chances are that Gmail would be the preferred option. Nearly 30% of all email accounts belong to Gmail, and if

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Explore the Power of Google AppSheet with Shivaami

Punit Thakker/ November 9, 2022/ Cloud Solution

In today’s time, digital transformation is on the priority list of all business organizations. Depending upon the industry, there is a need to innovate and create smart applications that can give businesses a competitive edge, greater employee engagement, and superior customer experience. One of the biggest reasons that make companies lag in their digital journeys despite having no intention to

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Revolutionizing the Financial Sector with Google Workspace

Punit Thakker/ November 1, 2022/ Cloud Email Solutions

Google first built its way into the corporate work environment through Google Search, and Gmail, and eventually established itself as a key business productivity enhancer through G Suite. For anyone who had used G Suite, it is not a secret that the Google product was way more than an email option. Now, in its modern and upgraded avatar as Google

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Ensuring Business Growth Through Diversity and Inclusion in IT Sector

Punit Thakker/ October 10, 2022/ Productivity

One of the most frequently discussed topics today is the issue of diversity and inclusion in the workspace. Women make up over 50% of the global population, which makes it natural for them to have an equal stake in the global workforce. Today, women are rapidly realizing this potential courtesy of access to quality education across STEM fields. There is

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